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tradition & luxury

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The sublime taste and flavors of Pakistani Food


Love is where it all starts from. Our love for Pakistani culture is what has led us to open a Pakistani based restaurant in Texas where we are trying our level best to promote Pakistani food among the ones who are affiliated with the enriched flavors, and the ones that are not. We wish to welcome all to a tradition so highly enriched with flavors that is capable to leave an impact on the minds, and a long lasting one.

tradition & luxury

Pakistani food is based on five cuisines; Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Sarhadi and Kashmiri. All provinces carry supreme flavors in their foods. Sometimes they differ from each other, and other times they don’t, but overall they combine to form an exquisite taste we term as the Pakistani Cuisine

The most significant form that depicts all Pakistani cuisines is the Lahore cuisine

Lahore is a city in the province Punjab that is highly known to be the land of food lovers. The love for food in Lahore is so genuine that all who visit Lahore bear witness to the legacy.
The flavors in Lahori food are unique in their own right as they tend to satisfy people from all Pakistani cultures and are equally renowned among the international foodies. The flavors of life are so rich in Lahore that they have set a saying for it in modern times;



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